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Reasons to Renovate your Basement


Basements are one of the most common renovations at home. You will find thousands of information on the internet but it may be confusing for you when this information is coming from a company or blog that actually doesn’t have experience as a contractor in the construction service.

Many customers have felt like this, they jumped into their basement renovations all excited doing it themselves but end up realizing that they have no clue where to even begin. Turning into frustration.

Don’t skimp on expenses, treat it just as you would any of the rooms above ground. We suggest you get a whole inspection to spot any perils in your basement like leaks, cracks, mold or asbestos. Magnus Construction Services will be there for you during this process.

These are the most commons stages to renovate a basement that we cover:

  1. Check for permissions, if needed

  2. Inspections and prevention stage

  3. Creative stage. Get ideas of your dreamt basements. Design

  4. Framing walls, work on the structure

  5. Insulation, it keeps the place dry, with the right temperature and prevents mold

  6. Proper Electrical planning and wiring in order to prevent fires

  7. Precise measurements. Pick the right drywall and install it properly

  8. Finishing stage! The most exciting part: Painting, flooring, installing doors

So what’s the main reason you have to renovate your basement? Here we give you some:



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