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Popcorn ceilings and it's danger

We know, everyone is talking about this! Everyone says “ Oh My gosh! Run away, Time to panic...You have a popcorn ceiling at home and you may get cancer out of it!

- Even though the last part is true...calm down! Let’s breathe, Don’t panic! - In MAGNUS we got you covered.

You have probably heard about stucco ceilings or acoustic ceilings, those are just other ways to name popcorns ceilings. Apart from awful, it may represent a risk for you and your family, but there’s good news, we have a solution for you to get rid of it easily by keeping you safe. In Magnus we have more than 45 years combined experience in the construction industry, we have all the certificates and experts to do the job for you, and we are also supported by The Mesothelioma center in the fight against lung cancer.

If your home has a Popcorn ceiling and it was built more than 30 years ago the first thing we recommend is : “DON’T do it yourself” if you don’t have the experience, tools, knowledge or the right tests. Hire a professional to do it properly.

If you scrap it yourself, all the particles could be inhaled by you. These particles may contain asbestos. This material was used for its benefits as its strength, resistance and heat resistance in most buildings in the past, but because of its hazard it was banned in December 2018 in Canada. Making it illegal to import, manufacture, buy, sell, trade or use any product with this toxic mineral. Learn more about Asbestos here

Now, that we know it is a good idea to restore your ceiling, let us help you protect your health and money with one of our free consultation and the best service: GET A QUOTE

Apart from removing asbestos, removing your popcorn ceiling may help the air quality in your home. These ceilings are dust traps, you may not see it, but you probably have accumulated all dust ever since the house was built. Isn't that Crazy?

That’s why you see many people with “allergies” when it is really due to dust accumulation.

So just remember, having a smooth ceiling is healthier, prettier, easier to clean and maintain.

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