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MAGNUS Construction Services makes getting a new Roof easy and Stress-free

Roofing Contractors in Saskatoon

Even though commercial properties normally have higher durability and longer lifespan than residentials, it needs special attention in order to prevent catastrophic damages that may result in high bills and problems to your building and daily operations.

In MAGNUS construction Services we help you with regular maintenance and annual inspection.

Let’s talk about the signs that will tell it's time to replace your roof.

  1. Leaks, visible water infiltration. You need to check the walls and ceiling. Are there any visible brown or green stains? This is a symptom of your Roof falling to decay.

  2. Roof membrane, Do you see large balds or empty spots? Large winds and Saskatchewan extreme weather may cause it.

  3. Considerable wear and tear, sometimes it is not that obvious to spot there is a problem, it is caused by rainwater and continuing moisture. We recommend you get your roof check by our Magnus experts, don’t assume things are in good condition when the problem could be inside.


  • Get bi-annual inspections

  • Remember that not only the exterior roof matters, also the interior system can cause damages if it is not in the right conditions.

  • Get a Magnus Expert to inspect your Roof, don’t assume your roof is fine just it apparently looks good.

  • Fix leaks in advance. For commercial buildings leaks can cause major damages on your electrical systems or get into your air ducts.

  • Even over a short time, small leaks can lead to big problems, such as mold, rotted framing and sheathing, destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings.

Be a Smart home owner. Reasons for a New Roof.

We want you to be an expert, the one who takes care of your home and the one who knows when to act before it is too late. Most people wait until their roof is leaking in spring and out of the blue they realize the roof must be completely replaced. This year, having an inspection is critical, in the wake of the severe snow and ice accumulation we got due to the last super storm in our province.

As Magnus experts we want to share the things you might look at:

-Ceiling stains

-Damaged shingles

-Attic ventilation, dirty and clogged soffits

-Mold on interior and exterior walls

-Loose step flashing

-Small holes on your roof

-Chimney conditions.

-Stains around bathroom’s fans

Replacing your Roof represents a major investment for homeowners, but its maintenance will save you from a huge issue you can’t see with a naked eye. You may consider taking care of your roof because it significantly impacts appearances, home value and overall function of the house.

Ask yourself: Am I thinking about putting my home for sale? Is my current roof 15 years or older?

A new roof is the lucky coin, it has the added advantage of attracting more prospective home buyers, since the new homeowner will not need to consider roof replacement or worry about common roofing issues for long while.

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