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Retrofit Drill and Fill

Retrofitting a house means upgrading it so it will "keep the heat in". During this process, small holes are drilled between wall studs and loose fill insulation is blown into the empty cavities. The holes are patched when completed. Loose fill insulation is a material called cellulose. This material can conform to any space without disturbing the existing structure (e.g. pre-existing enclosed walls). This allows for the benefits of an upgrade without the inconvenience of a full scale remodel.

Drill and fill insulation can be installed internally through the home or externally through the outside of the home. Our trained technicians can insulate through drywall, brick, veneer, vinyl siding, lap wood siding, shipboard siding, wood based sheet siding, masonry, non-wood siding, stucco, gypsum board, plaster/lath and tile.

How do I know if I need a retrofit drill and fill?

– Was your home built between 1920 and 1960?

During this time period, building code regulations did not require wall insulation. If your home was built during this time, it is likely that the walls are not insulated.

- Are your walls cold to the touch?
– Do you have high heating/cooling costs?
– Do you have uneven heating/cooling within your home?
– Does your furnace/air conditioner seem to run too much?
– Do you notice mold growth in/on your walls?

Walls that lack insulation allow for condensation build-up which promotes mold growth.


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